Apple brings back the peach-butt emoji in iOS 10.2 beta 3

Sexting has been saved thanks to iOS 10.2 beta 3.

The first developer preview of iOS 10.2 redesigned every emoji to look more realistic, with more detail that would look better super-sized on macOS and iOS 10. But it turns out that people didn’t want to send a realistic-looking peach emoji (see image, right). They wanted to continue sending a peach emoji that kind of looked like a butt. 

Peach emoji in iOS 10.2 developer beta 1

So, the internet mourned the impending loss of the beloved peach-butt emoji, and all the potential innuendos that came with it. But now, it appears that the grief might have been premature. The third developer preview of iOS 10.2 has the peach emoji looking like a butt again.

Peach emoji in iOS 10.2 developer beta 3

Why this matters: The fact that the peach emoji in iOS 10.2 developer beta 3 closely resembles the infamously-sexy look means that Apple was responding to users when it reverted to the original design. And when it comes to emoji redesigns, Apple has not always been so responsive.

This means that throughout these beta releases, Apple is actually listening to user feedback and tweaking things accordingly, regardless how silly or inconsequential they may seem.

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