Super Mario Run gets an easy mode, pulls in the big bucks for Nintendo

Super Mario Run is getting an easy mode, thanks to an update rolling out Tuesday on iOS. This is great, because as adorable as the game is, it can be kind of hard, especially for kids. Nintendo says easy mode will be “pressure free” so you can just explore the levels without dying over and over. 

Super Mario Run is a free download for iOS, and unlocking the full game is a $10 in-app purchase. During the company's earnings call on Tuesday, Nintendo announced that more than 5 percent of users are buying the full game, but that’s still a lot of gold coins—$53 million so far—and it only launched in the second half of December 2016.

The game is scheduled to launch on Android in March, and you can pre-register in the Play Store to be notified as soon as it’s live.

Why this matters: My kid is 5 years old, and I have Super Mario Run on my iPhone both because I have my finger on the pulse of technology trends, and so my son can play it while we’re at restaurants waiting for food and mommy wants to drink her margarita in peace. Now he’ll be able to get past the first couple of levels without whining for my “help,” which to be fair isn’t much more than me barking “Tap! Tap! No, don’t hold your finger down!” between sips. This update is going to be better for everyone. Thanks, Nintendo.

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