Dress-on with Modiface's Wedding Dress Studio app

I know. I keep droning on about this wedding that I’ve been planning for the last year. But the fact of the matter is that throwing a wedding is not only a huge expense, but a major pain in the ass.

I was curious when I heard I could virtually try on my wedding dress at Modiface’s booth on the CES show floor with its new Wedding Dress Studio. And that’s exactly what I did: take a photo of myself on an iPad (the app is available for Android, too) and then virtually attach a white dress on top of my already-clothed body.

I’ve used Modiface’s apps before to try on makeup and hairstyles, so I was familiar with the mechanics of the app. It’s super easy to use: once you’ve snapped your photo, you drag a bust to match your body shape. Then, you can drag and drop the wedding dresses you like and choose their style and color, or tack on belts and jewelry. It’s not nearly the same experience as going into a wedding boutique and physically trying on a dress, but it does give you an idea of the style you should consider.

One suggestion, however: if you’re planning on using the app for your own personal wedding planning, wear a body suit in the photo instead. I looked like I was wearing a a shirt underneath the virtual wedding dress, and nothing I tried on looked right at all. 

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