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Free Game Friday: Boom

Explosions rule. They make up about 70 percent of action movies, without them Michael Bay wouldn't have a career and we celebrate with them every Independence Day.

Check out these fun, free games that put the explosion front and center.

Pull the Wire

You've seen the scene a million times in action movies. The hero finds the bomb and it's a mess of red, green, blue and yellow wires. He holds his wire cutters to the blue wire, the timer ticks down the seconds, a bead of sweat runs down his face. At the last moment he chooses the red wire and snips. Everyone holds their breath as the timer stops and the day is saved. Are you up for the challenge?

In Pull the Wire you uncover bombs that need to be deactivated. Follow the line that runs from the C4 to the timer and yank it out. If you're correct the timer stops, everyone cheers and you get some points. Choose poorly and everything goes boom. The more bombs you diffuse, the more each new bomb starts to look like a rat's nest of wires, making your job much more difficult.


Minesweeper is a totally fun little time-waster, perfect for those slow days at work--er weekends--where you just need a little brain exercise. But don't you get a little lonely? After all, everything is multiplayer these days, and Minefield thinks you shouldn't be alone.

Play Minesweeper in a massive, never-ending minefield with other players. Correctly placing flags awards you points while detonating bombs will punish you. It's labeled as an MMO, though you don't gain any experience and there isn't anything to level up. Choose your flag and outline color and get sweeping--just watch out for that reckless guy detonating bombs all over the place.

Indestructo Tank

Yes, you're an indestructible tank that loves you bounce around like a super ball--that is until you run out of fuel, which for some reason makes you blow up into a million pieces. Indestructo Tank is a classic flash game that will keep you addicted to seeking out missiles and bombs just to go a little further.

If you manage to catch a falling bomb, you will be thrown into the air to smash yourself into your attackers. Of course you can't be harmed, so bombs ahoy! Manage to get more than one craft before landing and you'll get a combo bonus that awards more experience. If your fuel runs out before you manage to fill the experience bar it's bye-bye tank.

Between each level you can choose to buy more enemies that will show up more consistently. It's probably the only game you'll actually pay to have more bad guys around, but they are essential for winning. There's nothing more frustrating than a dry streak of malicious helicopters and bombers!


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