Google Drive supercharges search capabilities across Android, iOS, and web

A number of improvements to Google Drive’s apps will make it dramatically easier to find all your stuff.

According to the Google Drive blog, you can now search by specific file type to better track down a PDF, document, video, or other content. This new capability is coming to Google Drive on Android, iOS, and the web.

In fact some of the newness is specifically for iOS users: you can search with Spotlight to find a file and use 3D Touch to launch the Drive search bar.

You can search for your files with with Spotlight on iOS (left) and inside the app by file type (right).

Additionally, Google says you can now find a file by searching for the owner’s name or email address. 

For all the new search-friendly features, be sure you have the latest version of Google Drive for Android or iOS.

The impact on you: Drive is one of those Google products that the company wants to make excellent on all the major platforms. That’s why you see Google working just as hard to make Drive play nicely with iOS as it does with Android. It’s excellent for those who use both platforms, making that cheap storage and Google Photos look even more appealing.

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