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Lumsing Grand A2 Plus review: All the bells, with a quiet whistle

Note: The following is part of our roundup of USB-C battery packs. Go there for details on how we tested this device.

Lumsing’s Grand A2 Plus looks a lot like the first battery packs to hit the market years ago. Roughly the same thickness as a typical wall wort, and slightly bigger in size than a deck of playing cards, there's nothing new to the design of the pack.

Lumsing offers three color combinations on its Amazon storefront, including black with orange trim, gold with white trim, and silver with blue trim.

Jason Cipriani

Three ports are located on the front: A USB-A port offers QC 2.0 and QC 3.0 speeds, a USB-C ports for charging the battery and your personal devices, and finally a microUSB port for charging the pack itself.

With a capacity of 13,400mAh (49.58Wh), the Grand A2 Plus found itself ranked dead last in our efficiency test at 72.71%—and it's not even close. It's the only pack we've tested thus far to fall below 80%, with the Tronsmart Presto sitting at 80.17% efficiency.

In other words, the Grand A2 Plus only transfers 72% of its total capacity to another device. It’s important to note, battery packs are never 100% efficient. There’s a myriad of reasons for that, including temperature and the device it’s connected to.

A convenient feature the Grand A2 Plus does offer is a small flashlight to the right of the microUSB port. A button on the right side of the pack controls the flashlight. It's bright enough to help find something inside a purse, under a chair, or for use as a reading light on an airplane.

Jason Cipriani

On top of the pack you’ll find four blue indicator lights, each one representing a 25% level of charge in the battery. The lights activate with a quick press of the button, or whenever the battery is connected to a device for charging. Likewise the lights blink as the pack is being charged, letting you know its status.

Total charging time for the Grand A2 Plus was right at five hours, two hours more than similarly spec’d Tronsmart Presto.

Included with battery pack is a small USB-A to microUSB cable.

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