VIPorbit now offering VIPsync and Backup My Stuff services for free

VIPorbit recently announced that it is dropping the price of its VIPsync service to zero. Now that the service is free, it will be easy for VIPorbit users to make sure their contact and calendar data stays in sync between their various devices.

In case you're not familiar with VIPorbit, it is a relationship management tool. At face value, it seems to simply replace your contacts and calendar applications, but VIPorbit is more than that. VIPorbit also integrates with social network accounts, and acts as a communications hub that lets you track and manage your communications and relationships more effectively.

I've been a fan of VIPorbit since it originally launched as just an iPhone app in early 2011. I have stuck with it through the launch of the iPad app, and then the addition of a Mac OS X version to complete the trifecta.

Of course, having an app like VIPorbit on your PC and mobile devices is only useful if the information you enter on one device is propagated and synced across the other devices. Otherwise you'd end up manually managing three or more separate instances of your calendar and contact information. You also don't want to risk losing all of your valuable relationship information. That's where the VIPsync and Backup My Stuff services comes in.

The problem I had with the VIPsync service is that VIPorbit charged a monthly fee for the privilege of keeping the data synced. I realize there is some overhead on the backend to manage the flow of data and store user information, and I don't begrudge VIPorbit for trying to make money. But similar capabilities in applications like Apple's iCloud or Microsoft's OneNote are just provided as a feature--not an add-on service for a fee.

VIPorbit originally offered VIPsync for $5 per month of $45 per year. The Backup My Stuff service was a much more reasonable $5 per year. Now both services are being provided for free. The iPhone app is free as well, and the iPad app is free for managing up to 100 contacts--after that it costs $20 for unlimited contacts. The Mac version is available from the Mac App Store for $50.

If you want to learn to take full advantage of the features of VIPsync, you should attend the upcoming webinar--hosted by VIPorbit co-founder and CEO Mike Muhney. The live webinar titled "Getting Started with VIPsync," will be presented on Jan. 23 to demonstrate how simple it is to set up and use the service. This webinar is free, but seats are limited. To register, visit:


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