Google+ for Android may save you time by launching links in Chrome custom tabs

Next time you go to open a link in Google+ it might be a zippier experience. That’s because Google appears to be switching from sending links to Chrome, instead using its new custom tabs feature.

In essence, custom tabs are stripped down versions of Chrome that load much faster than the full-blown browser but maintain many of the browser’s advantages, like saved passwords, sign-in, autofill, and security settings.

Plus, they look nice. Custom tabs can take on the color scheme of the mother app for a consistent look.

Some users may see custom tabs when they open a link in Google+ for Android.

Why this matters: Google+ is an ideal training ground for Google to more widely deploy its custom tabs feature. This can show developers and everyday Android users that it’s an improvement over sending links to Chrome in terms of speed and features. This update appears to be a server side switch, so be on the lookout for it if you’re running the latest version of Google+.

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