Let's go crazy: Prince's music may come to Apple Music and Spotify

Prince had a tricky relationship with the internet. Toward the end of his life, Prince famously pulled his music from all streaming services but Tidal, the artist-owned, Jay Z-led app for audiophiles. But now it seems Prince’s hits are finally set to stream everywhere else, from Apple Music and Spotify to Google Play and Pandora.

That’s according to an unnamed source in the New York Post, but lord we hope it’s true.

According to the Post, Prince’s Warner Music Group records will hit streaming services outside of Tidal on Feb. 12, the night of the Grammys. That would be fitting, considering that the award show’s organizers are expected to honor Prince with a musical tribute that night.


The arrival of Prince tunes on streaming services might have been a complete surprise had Spotify not taken out purple subway ads in New York City. The ads make no reference to Prince, but his signature color was sign enough for die-hard fans, who instantly pieced it together.

Of course, nothing’s official yet—but 2017 could use some good news, and the widespread availability of Prince’s music certainly falls in that category.

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