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Nvidia's GeForce Experience beta adds screenshot tools and Twitch-friendly overlays

There are already tons of ways to capture in-game screenshots on your PC, but Nvidia just jumped into the fray with a handy new tool for GeForce graphics card users.

The latest GeForce Experience beta in-game screenshot capturing, as well as basic image editing and the ability to seamlessly upload your epic game pics to image-sharing site Imgur at resolutions up to 4K—all while you're still in-game. But that's not all, as the new GeForce Experience (GFE) beta also adds a few treats for Twitch and YouTube broadcasters.

GeForce screenshots

Nvidia breaks down the screenshot process in its latest blog post about the new GFE beta, but here are the basics.

First sign-in to Imgur directly within GFE.

First, you have to sign-in with your Imgur credentials from within GFE. Then when you’re in-game you can use a series of hotkeys to take screenshots, as well as call up the in-game screenshot gallery.

You can also edit your screenshot with some basic tools in the gallery, including the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, digital vibrancy, and crop. There’s also an auto-adjust option.

Once your screenshot’s ready to go, you can then upload it straight to Imgur with a maximum file size of 15MB.

The new GFE beta also adds the ability to create custom overlays for your gaming broadcasts on Twitch or YouTube Live, enhancing the live-streaming features that have been part of ShadowPlay/GFE for years now. This isn’t an automated process, as you have to create your own PNG transparent image as the overlay. Twitch users also now have the option to choose the nearest Twitch server for better upload speeds.

Why this matters: Nvidia’s GFE software is a key part of the company’s plan to own the add-in graphics card market. Nvidia wants GFE to be not just the place where you tweak your game settings, but a hub for all your gaming activity. The ability to save and share screenshots is a must-have feature for any software that wants to be a central place for gamers. (Hear that, Origin?)

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