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Upcoming Moto X update to fix poor camera performance

The Moto X may be the most convenient phone ever, but its camera performance wasn't always up to snuff.

That may all soon change, however. Motorola began rolling out an over-the-air update Monday for the Moto X that reportedly fixes many of the camera's faults. The update will come to T-Mobile first, with other carriers expected to get the fix shortly thereafter.

Brian Klug over at AnandTech took a few comparison shots using a pre-update Moto X and one that was running newer software. Although the phone performs slightly better in low-light, the biggest change comes in photos taken outside or in well-lit environments.

Previously these photos showed signs of severe white-balance issues and appeared extremely hazy, making them pretty much useless for anything other than slapping a filter on them.

The post-update samples looked significantly better, though it's hard to tell from Klug's examples just how much tweaking Motorola did to the handsets' camera. We'll run our own tests once our Moto X units get the update and let you know just how significant the improvements really are.


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