Facebook's quick-loading Instant Articles come to Android

Facebook’s scheme for speedy news stories has finally come to Android. With select publishers you’ll now see a lightning bolt icon in the top corner, which denotes that article is stored on Facebook’s servers and will load rapidly.

This feature, as is often the case, first debuted on the iPhone.

Bringing this to Android is as much about global reach as platform parity. That’s because international markets, especially those in the developing world, see heavy use of low-cost Android phones. 

The fast-loading articles are denoted by a lighting bolt icon in the corner.

Why this matters: By bringing this feature to Android, Facebook can strengthen its case to publishers that they should store their content on Facebook’s servers. While it’s a much better reading experience, some content providers have wondered if it’s worth giving Facebook this much control. It will be telling if more publishers jump on board, or if some decide the platform doesn’t give their sites enough advantages or traffic.

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