Honor 5X is an Android phone made for millennials

You know me: I’m always on the lookout for an Android phone with the best selfie capabilities. It’s possible I found it in the Honor 5X with its “perfect selfie” mode.

The perfect selfie mode works wonders: it takes three shots of your face—facing forward, facing to the side, and facing downward—and then magically morphs it into the perfect version of yourself. Afterwards, you can individually adjust elements like face shape and eye brightness. From then on, whenever you snap a selfie, the “perfect selfie” mode will use those settings to ensure you look pristine in every photo—even if you’re taking it with a friend.

A feature like the “perfect selfie” makes total sense for Honor, considering it’s Huawei’s brand geared for millennials overseas. The company’s main objective is to pack a heaping of relatively solid smartphone features into a totally affordable and affordable package. And now, the brand will be available here in the U.S. starting January 6.

We’ll have more on the Honor 5X later this month in a full review. For now, enjoy this demonstration of the perfect selfie. 

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