Logitech brings Cherry switches back with the G610 mechanical keyboard

Shock! Awe! Logitech’s bringing back Cherry switches for its new G610 keyboard. After spending two years pushing its custom Romer-G keys, the company’s offering the G610 with Cherry MX Brown and Red switches.

Looks-wise, the G610 is essentially a variant of the recently-announced G810. Keep the same sleek black (professional) chassis, subtract the RGB lighting, add Cherry switches and presto! A brand new keyboard—or at least a new model number.

Listen, I never professed to understand how companies name their peripherals.

Taxonomy aside, the good news is that the G610 retails for much cheaper than the G810. Both the MX Brown and MX Red models of the G610 feature monochromatic white backlighting instead of 16.8 million color RGB, and the result is you can buy it for $119. (The G810, by contrast, retails for $159.)

I asked Logitech why they didn’t opt for RGB-enabled Cherry switches. They do exist, after all, and Corsair no longer has a monopoly on them. But Logitech simply said it’s keeping RGB as a feature of its Romer-G keyboards and mentioned how great the Romer-G’s backlighting is. Which is all true, but uh...okay, I guess I’ll count my blessings and be thankful Logitech is finally making another Cherry-equipped keyboard in the first place.

As it stands, the G610 appears poised to be my favorite keyboard from the modern Logitech era. I like the no-frills look of the G810, I like Cherry keys, and I like volume rockers. But we’ll see whether that sentiment holds true when we get around to doing a full review.

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