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Samsung brings SideSync phone connectivity to all Windows PCs

Samsung's SideSync software, which allows Galaxy phone users to mirror their screens on a PC and backup phone data, is now available for all Windows devices.

Previously, SideSync had only worked with Samsung ATIV laptops and desktops, severely limiting its appeal. But as Android Police discovered, version 3.0 of the software adds compatibility with any PC. As long as you have a Galaxy phone with the latest version of SideSync installed, you can download and run the Windows client from Samsung's website.

SideSync's most interesting feature is the ability to mirror and control a Samsung phone when it's connected to a PC, either through USB or over Wi-Fi. An image of the phone appears as a resizeable window on the screen, so users can launch apps or view their content. This could be useful for accessing apps that aren't available on a computer (such as WhatsApp) or for managing all communication from a single window, using the phone's notification center to keep an eye on things.

SideSync also lets users drag-and-drop files between the two devices, copy and paste text, or type on the phone using the PC's keyboard.

Unfortunately for users of non-Samsung Android phones, third-party alternatives to SideSync are in short supply.VMLite VNC Server comes close, though the instructions are a bit more complicated, and the app itself costs $10. It's unlikely that Samsung will ever open up SideSync to other phones, but at least Galaxy users no longer need a matching Samsung laptop to take advantage of this feature.


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