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Product Hunt puts the day's hottest tech trends in your Mac menu bar

Product Hunt is a popular site that serves as a launchpad for tech’s next big things. Unlike many mobile-first sites that expect people to browse on their smartphones, most of Product Hunt’s traffic comes from desktops. Those desktops are often Macs, the company said. So today, Product Hunt released a Mac app that puts the latest trends in your menu bar.

It’s an unobtrusive way to see the day’s most upvoted tech and entertainment products—everything from hot start-ups and app updates to books, podcasts, and video games. The app is denoted with a “P” icon at the top of your screen, next to other shortcuts you might have installed.

The list constantly refreshes with newly trending posts, so you won’t have to visit the site unless you want to upvote or comment. The Mac app also has social features, so you can share a product on Twitter or Facebook without leaving the app or opening the website.

Product Hunt is putting its Mac app code on GitHub so third-party developers can suggest improvements to Product Hunt’s team.

Why this matters: If you follow the latest tech trends, then Product Hunt’s Mac app is a much easier way to stay on top of the day’s developments. Instead of revisiting the site throughout your workday, you can just click the Product Hunt icon in the status bar and quickly catch up.

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