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C-Suite Career Advice: Uwe Weiss, Blue Yonder GmbH

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Name: Uwe Weiss                          

Company: Blue Yonder GmbH

Job Title: CEO

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany


What was the most valuable piece of career advice that you received?
The single most common reason people fail is because they give up too early.

What was the worst piece of business advice that you received?
To give up on ideas and the pursuit of them - before you have done everything you can to be successful.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in the tech industry?
If you join a startup: Look at the product and market opportunities in the next three to five years. If you join a larger company – look at the level of growth and the innovation they have brought to the market in the last 36 months. Always look at the team you would be working with.

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a c-level position?
If you really enjoy setting up, managing processes and most importantly, managing people, a c-level position could be perfect for you. Few people are born leaders, so in order to succeed you must learn and find out about yourself early on. If you can live with lots of sleepless nights in order to be or become C-suite, you are a born leader.

In the tech industry c-level positions in smaller companies generally come to you as a founder or (through company changes) you might suddenly find yourself one. It’s slightly different in established tech companies where the fastest way to reach the top is through sales, making sure you continuously beat your targets.

Are you particularly proud of any career advice that you’ve given or the career route/development of anyone you’ve mentored?
When people ask me for advice I tell them to present one or two pieces of work that really showcase their ability and highlight to their coworkers and/or management team that success is in their DNA. I enjoy mentoring and am very supportive in getting the best out of one’s talent but in the end (even in the digital age) success comes down to very hard work.


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