Google Clock 6.4 brings app shortcuts and a smarter stopwatch

Google’s Clock app is probably not one that has you rushing off to check for updates regularly. But this time you may want to reconsider that stance.

Version 6.4 has a few helpful updates, especially if you’re thinking of grabbing a Pixel or using a device scheduled to get Android 7.1. App shortcuts are now supported, which means for those phones running the newest build of Nougat (first the Pixels and then Nexus phones in a developer preview) you’ll be able to jump right into a specific action. The following screenshot from Android Police offers a sneak peek:

Android Police

With app shortcuts you can launch a specific action from the home screen.

Additionally, should you need to reboot your phone, the Clock app won’t miss a beat with the timer or stopwatch. I tried it out and the timer kept right going.

The timer kept on going even after rebooting the phone.

Finally, you’ll notice a few subtle interface changes. As the following screenshot demonstrates, the icon at the bottom has been turned into a globe that’s more representative of how the world looks instead of one with latitude/longitude lines.

A new globe icon will greet you in the bottom of the clock app.

You can grab the latest version from the Play Store.

The impact on you: Google has done a pretty good job at rolling out updates to seemingly innocuous apps like the Clock. They’re probably a core part of what you do everyday, enabling you to use your phone as the alarm or as a timer for keeping track of a workout.

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