Twitter further embraces Material Design in latest Android app update

Twitter is finally doing more to make its Android app more closely follow Google's Material Design standards.

After already making a few tweaks in April to the interface, Twitter now has a dedicated profile image, slide-out menu, and other changes that make the app look more at home on Google’s operating system.

From the main screen you can now swipe through four tab bars to access Home, Notifications, Direct Messages, and Moments. The latest update also adds a profile page that slides out from the left of the screen instead of being accessed through an overflow button at the top-right of the homepage.

From here you can switch accounts, see the timeline of your lists, check out the Highlights compilation of relevant tweets, and access the app’s settings.

Also, you now compose tweets using a floating action button. This and the tab design have been present already if you’ve been using the Twitter for Android beta.

Those on the stable build will see the new update arrive soon in the Google Play Store.

Why this matters: Twitter on Android has long felt like a second-class citizen compared to the iOS version. On the iPhone, for example, there are more splashes of animation and adherence to the platform’s design cues. This update goes a long way towards closing the gap, though the release of third-party Twitter app Flamingo (from the maker of Weather Timeline) this week shows there are even more ways that the social network could embrace Google’s design aesthetic.

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