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This guy made a working robot out of home appliances

Having a robot human companion isn't just a dream anymore. For most people, there's just one fat check separating you from your ASIMO. But one retired Baltimore cop named Mark Haywood skipped the long trip to the bank and just built the dream himself.

HEX is a real humanoid robot that stands about four feet and three inches tall that Mark built out of all kinds of household appliances. HEX isn't just a looker, either; it's got fully functional hands, arms, and legs.

Apparently Mark has been building HEX over the last four years as a sort of electronic art project using basically whatever home appliances he had on hand in his house. The feet were made out of an old pair of speakers, its waist is clearly a DVD player, and some old electric fans make up its shoulders. Meanwhile, the head was made with an old radio clock (maybe so you can thwack it to shut it up?).

HEX's arms are impressive in their own right as they are powered by power tools, and the hands were made out of 3D printed parts.

According to Damn Geeky, Mark can control Hex remotely with his laptop via a  Zigbee USB dongle. HEX can walk on its own with 23 degrees of movement, but Mark says there's still room for improvement.

[Inspyme via Gizmodo]

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