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EA Origin Access subscription offers PC gamers 15 games for $5 per month

After slightly over a year incubating on the Xbox One, EA announced today it’s bringing its Access subscription-based gaming program over to the PC. Rechristened “EA Origin Access” (because heaven forbid we forget about Origin) the program currently offers up 15 older EA titles for a single $5 per month fee.

Highlights include Battlefield 4 (presumably sans-Premium membership and thus sans-expansions) and Dragon Age Inquisition, both of which are a decent deal for a $5 monthly rental. The program is padded out with the rest of the Dragon Age games, Battlefield Hardline, all three Dead Space games, and a few miscellaneous grab-bag titles (Sims 3, Need for Speed Rivals, and everyone’s least-favorite SimCity).

EA’s also tossed in This War of Mine which, according to EA, “shows that EA Origin Access will include games that come from third-parties.”

Altogether it's a decent bundle for $5 a month—much better than the full roster of EA Access titles on the Xbox One, which is mostly padded with year-old sports games.

EA promises the roster will continue to grow, though it’s hard to say how quickly given that the Xbox program is over a year old and still touts only fourteen games. On the other hand, the back catalog of PC games is quite a bit richer than the fledgling Xbox One. I could see plenty of EA’s “On the House” giveaway titles finding a home in Access.

The one major disappointment? Xbox subscribers can get a year’s worth of Access for $30. The PC program only comes in the single $5 a month plan at the moment. We’ll keep you updated if that changes.

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