Mingis on Tech: Of 3D printers (and Eiffel Towers)

When the topic is 3D printers, the person to talk to is Computerworld Senior Writer Lucas Mearian, who's been reviewing printers -- and printing up Eiffel Towers, a drone body pieces and various other objects -- for the better part of two years.

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis goes one-on-one with Mearian about the latest printer in his laboratory, the $3,000 Makerbot Replicator (see it on Amazon). That explains the bright orange Eiffel Tower pieces visible on the table; they were printed with the Makerbot, which Mearian reviews here.

From there, the discussion moves on to which industries are likely to fully embrace 3D printing -- think automative, architecture, design and construction -- and the recent announcement that even toymaker Mattel is getting in on the action. Remember the original ThingMaker from the 1960s? The new version, slated for sale later this year, goes far beyond Creepy Crawlers and Incredible Edibles.

For an audio podcast only, click play (or catch up on all episodes) below.

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