Google's new PhotoScan app will transform your prints into digital images

Google is offering a new solution for turning your old prints into digital photos.

A new app called PhotoScan enables you to scan your prints with a smartphone and then save them to your Google Photos library. Google says the app will even detect the edges, straighten the image, eliminate glare, and properly crop it.

Once the process is finished you’ll be able to access and edit the images right from the Google Photos app. You can get PhotoScan now in the App Store and Google Play.

Speaking of Google Photos, there are also a few new tools for editing that are also rolling out. There’s a new and improved auto-enhance, some new filters, and more sophisticated editing tools.

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There are more options for adding some filter-powered flair to your pictures.

When you go to edit a photo you’ll see more options for tweaking the lighting, such as exposure, contrast, whites, highlights, and shadows. Additional tools are found for editing other elements of your pictures.

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You can make more detailed edits with the new tools inside of Google Photos.

The new tools are rolling out to the latest version of Google Photos for Android and iOS.

The impact on you: PhotoScan is a pretty clever way to digitize old photos, which is often a challenge as you have to spend a long time using a scanner or send them to a specialized store for this service. The app also is a nice hook for Google Photos, as it may introduce a lot of people to the service since that’s the storage location for all of those new digital memories you create.

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