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Apple's promised Calendar spam fix is coming

Apple promised to put a stop to those irritating iCloud Calendar spam invites, and now the fix is in. The company just added a “Report Junk” option the Calendar app on, and that feature may soon be coming to iOS and macOS.

The junk-reporting tool, first noticed by a Reddit user, doesn’t prevent the spam invite from appearing on your calendar, but does let you report the event as junk if it appears from a sender who is not a contact. Reporting the event deletes it from your calendar and sends the details to Apple, presumably to keep it from happening again.

Calendar users started noticing a spike in spam invites in the days leading up to Black Friday, all from scammers hawking questionable discounts on products like Ugg boots and Ray-Ban sunglasses (although we’re betting those discounted products aren’t even the real deal). The scammers are exploiting an iCloud feature that automatically adds invitations from emails to your calendar and then sends you notifications when those events are around the corner. The scam email accounts often mark those invitations as repeating events, so you’re prompted to buy a product at the same time every day.

Responding to the emails doesn’t help, because if you decline the invitation, the scammer knows that your account is active, thus triggering a wave of spam.

Until Apple brings “Report Junk” to the Calendar app in iOS and macOS, use these two workarounds to prevent spam from clogging your calendar.

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