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Play elsewhere: Glass users will get their own app store

Google Glass wearers will not only differentiate themselves from the rest of society by carrying the Internet around on their face, but they may soon find themselves virtually segregated into their very own app store.

According to Marketing Land, Google will create a separate app store specifically for Glass apps, though it remains unclear if the digital Glass app outlet will be a gated community within Google Play, or a different location altogether.

In an August 21 post on G+, Googler Timothy Jordan wrote a note to Glass developers: "I know you'll ask: how can you get your Glassware on MyGlass? We're working on a process for you to submit your Glassware to get quota and be listed so that everyone can do more with Glass. I'll share more details when it's ready (which should be soon)."

We have reached out to Google and will update with any clarification.

A bunch of little Apples

If Google does indeed create a separate app store, it might fall in line with rumored moves by Samsung to foster a dedicated app store for its new wristcentric form factor, Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The Korean manufacturer already has its own no-frills app store, which offers Android apps that are already available in Google Play. However, Samsung will hold their first ever developers' conference this October. While Gear is largely anticipated to be an Android device, Samsung's new developer conference may be a way to exert greater independence from Google Play--a strategy the company does not appear to shy away from if the choice of news items in the conference's news page is any indication.

For better or for worse, several big manufacturers appear to be emulating Apple's end-to-end control of their product lines. We've seen former software giants move into manufacturing (see Google eating MotorolaMicrosoft and Nokia), retail (Microsoft Stores and Samsung " Experience Shops"), and now, specialized app stores. Walled gardens, it seems, may just be our future.


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