Android Wear app update brings back battery statistics

The Android Wear app once again shows you detailed battery statistics for your smartwatch.

It’s a feature that disappeared with the last update, but Google saw fit to make another go at it with the newest version of the Android Wear app.

Google probably gave the feature a timeout because, as many discovered, it wasn’t the most reliable measure of which services were eating your battery and how much time you actually had before the need to plug in. It will take at least a few days of living with the new application to get a good idea how accurate it really is. 

The graph’s layout and details are designed similarly to how Android displays battery stats for phones and tablets.

You can check out the details for yourself by going to Settings > Watch Name > Watch battery. Look for the update to hit the Google Play Store, or grab it now from APK Mirror.

The impact on you: If you want to really dive into how well your Android Wear watch’s battery is performing, you’ll potentially have a reliable assistant to do so. The biggest hurdle to getting people to jump onto the smartwatch craze is the need to charge another device, so perhaps this will make that effort a little bit easier.

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