Mingis on Tech: Mac guy gaga over a Dell; wireless charging for the iPhone

Apple's MacBook Pro may finally have real competition on the Windows side from the Dell XPS 9550 laptop -- and that's coming from a longtime Apple user. Quelle horror!

Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis gets the techy details from Editor-in-Chief Scot Finnie, who's been using the Dell for a couple of months as part of his long-term review. Finnie's convinced that Dell aimed specifically at the top-end MacBook Pro as its benchmark, and soundly hit the mark. Mingis, a Mac user himself, is naturally  shocked by this turn of events, as is Computerworld senior writer Lucas Mearian.

The conversation then turns to Apple's plans -- real or imagined at this point -- for incorporating wireless charging in the next iPhone. Could it happen? Or is this mere  wishful thinking from iPhone users tired of plugging in their devices to charge?

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