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Nvidia's new Game Ready drivers are crashing systems, but there's a fix

The latest big-budget gamestravaganza (Ubisoft’s The Division) released late last night, which normally means it’s time for everyone’s favorite PC gaming activity: Driver updates. But wait! Don’t touch that dial GeForce Experience!

If you 1) Use Windows 10 and 2) Are running a multi-monitor setup, keep reading.

After the drivers went live, threads quickly started cropping up on Reddit and Neogaf complaining that updating to the latest Nvidia 364.47 drivers triggered Blue Screen of Death issues, black screens, and all sorts of other craziness on multi-monitor Windows 10systems.

Update: Nvidia's already pushed out beta drivers to fix the issues. They're currently waiting on WHQL-certification from Microsoft, according to Nvidia's Sean Pelletier. Continue reading for workarounds to issues in the meantime.

Nvidia’s managed to reproduce the issue on its end, writing:

“We have received reports of some users having issues installing today’s Game Ready Driver. Initial investigation suggests the issue is isolated to multiple-monitor configurations.

Should you experience issues, you can either disconnect one monitor during the driver installation (and reconnect once completed) or you can uninstall the driver through Windows Safe-Mode and revert to a previous version.”

And later:

“We have reproduced the issue and our engineers continue to debug it. Initial investigation suggests the issue is related to doing an “Express” installation. We suggest those willing to try this driver use a Custom -> Clean Install installation.”

Perhaps better advice is: Don’t install the damn drivers. I’m running the previous release and The Division is working just fine. If you’re one of the groups at risk, just wait until this whole mess gets sorted out and install the next version. Save yourself from a potential headache.

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