MLB Snapchat Day is on deck for March 11th

It’s Spring Training time for big-league baseball teams. And while it’s usually a time for players to hone their skills and prepare for the long Major League Baseball season that’s ahead, this year, it’s giving players a chance to refine their social media skills, too. Sort of.

On Friday, March 11th, Major League Baseball and Snapchat will team up for the league’s first-ever Snapchat day. According to an article on MLB’s website, big-league players will snap photos and videos throughout the day—even from the dugouts during games—and post them to MLB’s Snapchat account, as well as accounts for the 30 MLB teams.

Players might even take selfies with the SnapBat, a specially designed selfie stick made from—you guessed it—a baseball bat.

You can follow along with the shenanigans by downloading the SnapChat app, creating an account (if you don’t have one already), and following the team (or teams) of your choice. The MLB website lists account names for every team.

Although you shouldn’t expect players to use Snapchat during games in the regular season, Major League Baseball isn’t above such shenanigans during preseason exhibition games. Last year, comedian Will Ferrel took the field for ten big-league teams in one day as part of the HBO TV special Ferrell Takes the Field.

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