Fossil's next Android Wear watches are the Q Wander and Q Marshal

Fossil is clearly just getting started with the world of Android Wear. The company announced two new smartwatches as follow-ups to the Q Founder: the Q Wander and Q Marshal. 

The newest additions to the Q line continue Fossil’s goal with smartwatches: build wearables that have the traditional look and feel of a watch but the technology of Android Wear.

The Q Wander has an interchangeable leather strap and a multi-finish case with sculpted wire lugs. The Q Marshal has a more rugged case and can be paired with a navy blue plated case leather straps or with a stainless steel band.

Fossil didn’t announce any pricing or availability details, but the Q Founder is priced at $275 with a leather strap and $295 with a stainless steel band on the Google Store.

Why this matters: Fossil is a big name in the world of watches, and the company clearly sees that connected wearables are the future. It’s casting a wide net at the moment with activity trackers to go along with its Android Wear watches. Fossil has always put a heavy emphasis on a vintage design, so it has a good opportunity to capture the minds of those who like the concept of a smartwatch but don’t want it to look like squarish gadget.

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