Apple registers and, fueling rumors about electric car

If you go to right now, you will get a blank page, but if the rumors prove true it can someday serve as the homepage of the hyped Apple Car.

According to MacRumors, Apple has registered the top-level domains for,, and These domain registrations suggest Apple might use these websites to debut its much-rumored electric car.

Apple registered these domains back in December through a sponsoring registrar MarkMonitor Inc., according to MacRumors. The Whois records that tipped the website about these domain registrations was updated January 8, but they are not yet active.

It’s very possible that these domains will be used by Apple to host CarPlay content, but in that case registering the still-available domain name would seem more appropriate.

The story behind the story: Rumors about the Apple Car, codenamed Project Titan, hit full throttle in 2015. For starters, Apple filed permits to build a “auto work area” near Cupertino, leased a super-secret testing facility, and met with the California DMV.And then there’s the coolest rumor of them all: that Apple will be making smart windshields.

These unconfirmed rumors, however, are coupled with news that Apple has hired a bunch of experts in electric batteries, AI, and automotive. And now that Apple has acquired top-level domains for the project, we might get to see the Apple Car on the web sooner than 2019, the year when the company’s electric car is rumored to hit the road

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