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PSA: Fallout 4's on sale for just $18, its steepest-ever discount

Your patience has been rewarded, PC gamers. You can now pick up one of the best PC games of 2015, one with hundreds of potential hours of gameplay, for less than you’d pay for a large pizza and a Coke.

We don’t normally run articles like this but Amazon’s selling Fallout 4 for significantly less than we’ve ever seen before. A quick consultation with IsThereAnyDeal.com reveals that the previous low-water mark for Fallout 4 was $30 during Steam sales and whatnot. Amazon’s selling it for just $18.20. That’s one heck of a discount.

There are a few caveats, of course. The deal applies only to the physical disc version of the game. A Steam-compatible digital version still costs the full $60. I’d wager that’s because the final bit of Fallout 4 DLC recently launched, and Amazon’s looking to clear out stock before the inevitable Game of the Year edition launches at some point in the future. Once you install the game you could always configure it to launch in Steam, if you wanted.

Sure, Fallout 4 earned harsh criticism from Fallout diehards for backing away from the series’ beloved RPG elements to focus more on gunplay and adventure. But dammit, the game’s core exploration and gunplay loop is so addicting I can’t put it down, and Bethesda’s imagining of post-apocalyptic Boston is just as enthralling as any Wasteland to date. Fallout 4’s modding scene is alive and vibrant, too.

If you’ve been hesitant to explore the Commonwealth, this seems like a fine time to pull the trigger. The launch of that aforementioned inevitable GOTY edition will no doubt send the price of the game rocketing back up toward a full $60 MSRP sometime soon.

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