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Meet Flappy Bert, Sesame Street's amazing Flappy Bird clone

You've got to hand it to the folks at Sesame Street they know how to grab onto a cultural phenomenon. Sesame Workshop recently came out with its own Flappy Bird clone and it's amazing. (Well, for a Flappy Bird imitator.)

Called Flappy Bert, the Sesame Street game challenges you to weave through a maze of pipes just like the original. Only this time, you're playing as a bird who has latched onto Bert's head and is pulling him across town.

Every time you get past a pipe, Bert lets out his iconic machine gun laughter and if (when, really) you crash, he cries out for his best buddy, Ernie.

It's a fun rip-off that will entertain anyone who grew up on a steady diet of Sesame Street muppets, but be warned: It's just as fiendishly difficult as the game that inspired it.

Flappy Bert was written in HTML 5, meaning it works across any device with a modern browser--it works especially well on touch devices but traditional PCs can play too.

If you'd like to try it out head over to Sesame Street Workshop and give it a try. Hopefully this is one game that won't be pulled for being too addictive.


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