Amazon triples its Dash Button lineup for your Slim Jim and Red Bull emergencies

Amazon is more than tripling its lineup of press-and-buy Dash Buttons, so you can quickly order everything from Doritos to cat litter.

The Dash Button is a palm-sized device that connects to the Internet and orders stuff through Amazon Prime when pressed. Each one is tied to a single brand, and users can assign specific product orders to the button through Amazon’s mobile app. A removable hook and adhesive allow for hanging or sticking the button in a convenient place, the idea being that you can quickly replace a common household item as supplies run low.

Amazon first launched Dash Buttons about a year ago, with 28 brands including Bounty, Cottonelle, Gillette, and Tide. With the new additions, Amazon is now offering 107 button choices, from big brands like Brawny and Mucinex to more obscure offerings like Caleb’s Kola and O.N.E. Coconut Water.

As with before, the Dash Buttons include some protections against accidental ordering. Users can opt to receive email confirmation for new orders, creating a brief cancellation window, and Amazon won’t place a new order until an existing order has arrived.

Based on an FCC filing, Dave Zatz claims that the new buttons have Bluetooth LE connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi, and speculates that they may require two batteries instead of one. Amazon hasn’t confirmed the battery requirement or any Bluetooth features.

The new buttons are available now, and still cost $5 apiece. Users get that money back after placing their first order.

Why this matters: Dash Buttons aren’t really customizable, at least not without some hacking, so their usefulness depends entirely on whether the products you buy are on board with the concept. It seems Amazons oddball idea is starting to get some traction, as brands compete for your unending toilet paper and pet food business.

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