X-Doria Engage Folio Lux review: This wallet case for iPhone 6/6s looks great but is low on utility

Some cases look great but lack practicality, but the X-Doria Engage Folio Lux (iPhone 6 and 6s; $35 through Amazon) almost completely ignores function in favor of form. It’s a pity, especially since this wallet case really does have such a unique appearance.

Design & Use

The Engage Folio Lux is slim, with a faux-leather front cover and a transparent backing. This snap-on case sports a generous side opening on the left, which lets you easily install your iPhone, and includes additional cutouts around the rim for ports and buttons.

The front cover feels nice to the touch and includes a slot for one credit card, but does lack an elastic band or magnetic closure that would protect your phone’s screen when you drop it. As a plus, the Folio Lux is still so slender even with a cover that it fits in any car mount—you can’t say that for cases with bulkier profiles.


The see-through backing does a great job of leaving your iPhone’s back visible, but it is pretty slippery. When lying on a smooth surface that’s not perfectly level, your handset will tend to slide around a bit.

The Engage Folio Lux also is lacking in useful features: You can’t use it as a stand, and the single credit card slot is a little too minimalist. That one slot may be enough for occasional use, but its restrictiveness severely limits its appeal as a permanent wallet replacement.

Bottom line

Ultimately, the Engage Folio Lux represents the wrong tradeoff between form and function. It looks great, but it doesn’t have a lot of extra room, doesn’t work as a stand, and provides little protection for your iPhone’s screen. You’re best off choosing a case that looks less unique and is more useful.

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