OWC's DEC expansion module makes the MacBook Pro thicker but a lot more useful

Apple loves to make its laptops as thin as humanly possible, but would you carry a thicker MacBook Pro if it meant freeing yourself from dongles? At CES, OWC unveiled a prototype of the OWC DEC, an expansion module for the new MacBook Pro that provides extra connectivity without relying on an assortment of adapters.

The OWC DEC takes a unique approach to provide its functionality by using a module that sits flush with the bottom of the laptop, making the new MacBook Pro thicker, about as thick of a 2012 MacBook Pro. But that added heft brings a lot of functionality: three USB 3 ports, gigabit ethernet, an SD card slot, and up to 4TB of SSD storage. OWC says that more features may be “announced at a later date.”

Credit: OWC

Press photos provided by OWC do not show the USB 3 ports or gigabit ethernet. Also, OWC did not provide details as to how the OWC DEC connects to the laptop.

Pricing—and a lot of other details—for the OWC DEC have yet to be revealed. The company said the OWC DEC will be available this spring.

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