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Convert trophies into swag with PlayStation's Bid For Greatness

Fancy a bit of PlayStation swag? Let's hope you've been busy over the last few years: Sony's Bid for Greatness promotion will let you use Gold trophies you've earned playing PlayStation games to bid on props featured in their Greatness Awaits commercial. The promotion starts today, and runs until the end of the month.

Log in tothe Bid For Greatness website with your PlayStation Network account and the site will tally up all of the Gold trophies you've earned in your gaming career. You don't actually lose any trophies, but once you've "spent" some to bid on a prize, they'll be yanked from the total you have available. The prizes are varied, and while items like a Skyrim dagger prop or a Diablo III Witch Hunter mask will likely be of greater appeal to cosplayers or especially zealous PlayStation fans, they're also just plain neat.That said, there are just over 20 hours left on the auction for the very first item and it's already sitting at 541 trophies--I doubt the paltry 15 I've accrued over the years is going to get me very far.

So it's a marketing stunt. But at the very least, it's giving us something to do with the otherwise meaningless digital accolades games have been doling out. I'd love to see these sorts of rewards programs stick around--sort of like loyalty points for gamers, encouraging folks to play more games, earn more trophies and exchange them for prizes--like downloadable content, or maybe funny hats for our PlayStation Home avatars. Microsoft could even follow suit with a rewards program for its achievement points, and the countless hours we've spent hoarding points, digital trophies and the like will finally be vindicated. Somewhat.

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