Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic to be Apple of IT services: Rajan Bhandari

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic took a big leap by launching a Global Operation Centre in India to provide IT operations support to organizations. An end-to-end IT services and solutions provider, the company helps businesses meet complex IT requirements in the modern era by offering high end solutions. In an exclusive interaction with CIO India, Rajan Bhandari, COO and Regional Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic spoke about the intent, plan and expansion of the company’s Global Operation Centre and the company’s business blueprint.

Edited excerpts: 

What is Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic’s prime objective behind the launch of Global Operation Centre in India? 

Today Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (HSMC) has competencies and technical expertise on various business IT platforms be it SSN, security, cloud for major technology provider partners. Our business IT processes are well supported by our parent company Hitachi Systems Japan which has helped us in gaining global knowledge of service delivery.

Our objective with Global Operation Centre (GOC) is to transform our business orientation from distribution to services. I strongly feel we are in a unique position to offer a better TCO to our customers through our services model.

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What will be the key service offerings from GOC for enterprise customers? Will it extend to global companies too?

The centre will provide offshore IT operations support to companies across the globe. Currently, the services from GOC are offered to Hitachi global companies as we will provide 24-hour support for IT operations for Hitachi America and Hitachi Europe.  

We are planning to launch these services for our Indian enterprises customers very soon. Our India Security Operation Center (SOC) and Network Operation Center (NOC) will be operational by November this year. Currently, we have established our remote operation center where we provide IT platform level support to our Indian customers.

Can you share insights about the infrastructure of the GOC, in terms of technology, manpower, resources and other assets? How do you intent to scale up in the next two years?

The current GOC is 24x7 with more than 20 resources on board providing support on database, operating systems and IT hardware using our core in-house developed IT management tools. The centre has begun operations in three shifts that aims to create employment opportunities for more than 300 people in the next six months. In the long term, it will help us to create an effective BPO services organization.

With current set of in-house technical competencies, we have a strong outlook for global engagement, especially where Hitachi Operational Technologies are getting implemented. HSMC is in a unique position to merge Hitachi’s OT technologies with IT.

How would GOC empower Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic to stay ahead of competition and other service providers?

We are building a strong automation process of service delivery where our objective is to automate most of the service delivery aspects, which CTOs and CIOs. We also aim to reduce the people dependency to provide better SLA’s at an effective cost.

GOC will definitely help HSMC to stay ahead of competition, as the international domain knowledge we are getting in terms of service delivery process, skills and technology competencies can be replicated across enterprise customers at an affordable cost.

Hitachi Systems is a global company and we will be collaborating with other group companies to provide one single face to our customers. With GOC, our intention is to follow the direct model for customers.

What are the short-term and long-term definite opportunities you envision with GOC? What percentage of GOC offerings will contribute to the overall company revenues?

Building on the company’s 25 years of experience, we offer real value to organizations through our domain expertise and IT solutions with proven track record in the field of IT integration and world-class service.

Today our organization has over 1500-plus technical staff, and GOC will provide us a platform to give international exposure to our people, which will also serve our organization’s objective of delivering profitable services.

By providing secure, reliable and market-competitive IT services globally, GOC will additionally contribute to Hitachi India’s business.

What is the next big wave in terms of IT services and technology trends that will be in demand by end customers for 2017 and 2018?

As of now, the Centre will provide support to the enterprise platform and will soon extend services to support business and management platforms as well. The system integration market demands continuous improvement and innovation. This GOC facility will make it possible for us to offer uninterrupted support to our group companies and customers and is a huge achievement for us - as well as for those who use our technology. 

Today, 24-hour support is a must to cover the global markets. Bringing automation in services delivery using tools and technologies for a better outcome and productivity will be the next big wave in IT services industry. And we are well positioned to address the changes in IT services delivery from the organizations to stay ahead in the digital transformation era.

The trends and innovations that will shape the technology industry over the next several years came into focus in 2016. Cloud computing has gone mainstream for many enterprises, and the internet of things (IoT) is changing how both industrial and consumer-oriented companies do business.

Our expertise in high end technology solutions, coupled with new-age IT services will keep us ahead of technology trends and challenging needs of CIOs and IT buyers in the future.


- Located at Gurugram

- 20 member team with 3 Shift Operations

- Employ 300 + people in the next six months

- Provide offshore IT operations support to companies globally

- 24-hour support for IT operations (Hitachi America, Hitachi Europe)

- Provide secure, reliable & market-competitive IT services globally

- Extend services to support business and management platforms

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