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Xbox One beta program lets adventurous gamers test system updates early

We get it: You got a piece of that Titanfall beta and now you just want more betas. You crave them. Well, you're in luck. Microsoft is launching a new beta program to test Xbox One system updates before they roll out to the masses, particularly the console's multiplayer-focused March update.

Okay, so maybe it's not quite as glamorous as the Titanfall beta.

Still, you'll get to test the Xbox One's March update a week or two prior to everyone else. Microsoft is rolling out all sorts of features in the March update, timed to release around the launch of Titanfall on the eleventh: quicker friends list access, the ability to chat with friends playing different games, an "invite friends to game" option, a list of recent players...

They're all fairly pedestrian features, really. It's amazing they weren't included in the box at launch, considering Xbox Live's reputation for polish.

Unfortunately, there's a price to pay if you opt into the beta. You won't be able to use party chat, party invites, or party matchmaking with anyone who isn't in the beta until the update reaches the entire userbase, reports Polygon. "If this is an issue," writes Microsoft, "you should consider not signing up for the beta."

There's no place in particular for you to go and sign up for early access. Microsoft is inviting people through the Xbox Live service. If selected, you'll receive a message asking you to confirm participation in the beta.


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