Facebook Messenger adds videos, extra-large thumbs up

Facebook has only made its Messenger app more robust since buying WhatsApp earlier this year. Once just a basic messaging app, Messenger has expanded beyond basic chats with stickers, group conversations, and now video messages.

Before Thursday's update for iOS and Android, you could share videos from your Camera Roll with friends on Messenger, but now you can shoot a 15-second video message straight from the in-app camera.

It's a convenient feature that makes a little more sense than the other change Facebook made to Messenger: the introduction of "big likes." What's a big like? Well, it's kind of self-explanatory. Just tap and hold the like button and to reply with an extra-large thumbs up. You know, to emphasize how excited you are.

With Messenger adding new features left and right, the next logical step is video calling, which WhatsApp doesn't offer yet either. With video calls, Messenger and WhatsApp could challenge Skype as the primary way to talk, message, and chat with friends and family over Wi-Fi.

That major change would also justify Facebook's abandonment of in-app chat. Users weren't too happy about having to install Messenger just to keep messaging with friends, but if the app offered a slew of great features, maybe folks would quit complaining about having to install yet another Facebook app. But those features will have to be more impressive than really big thumbs up icons.


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