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Best Apple Watch deals for Black Friday 2016

With the market for smartwatches plunging this year, you'd better believe that Black Friday 2016 deals can be found on Apple Watches.

Apple holds the biggest share of the market, according to IDC figures released in October, but even Apple sold far fewer of its touchscreen watches in Q3 (1.1 million vs. 3.9 million in Q3 2015).

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Apple itself hasn't disclosed Black Friday deals yet -- it usually waits until right before Thanksgiving to do so -- but other retailers have.  The company lists watches on its site ranging in price from $269 to $1,500 (Stainless steel case with Etoupe swift leather double buckle cuff).

Kohl's becomes Apple's newest big name Apple Watch reseller today, Nov. 15, and in its prices on Series 1 & 2 watches ($269 and $369, respectively) are no bargain. But, and this is a big but, Kohl’s sweetens the deal for holiday shoppers by including $105 in Kohl’s cash for buyers of the Series 2 and $75 in Kohl’s cash for buyers of the Series 1. Koh's specifies the space gray case/38mm/black sports band model for Series 2 and the rose gold aluminum case/38mm/pink sand sports band model for Series 1 in its ad, but does say selection may vary. Koh's kicks off its Black Friday sales on Nov. 21, a few days ahead of official Black Friday, which is on Nov. 25.


If you're not dead-set on the Series 2 models, then check out Target, which brings the price of a Series 1 38mm model just under $200 by lopping $80 off the price. Note that Series 1 Apple Watches come in aluminum casing and with sports bands rather than some of the fancier materials of the Series 2 watches (steel or ceramic cases, Hermes watch bands, etc.). Target opens its doors at 6pm on Thanksgiving day, but will offer all of its Black Friday deals online starting that morning.

Best Buy, which opens its doors at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day but will have items available online earlier, is whacking $50 off the price of Apple Watch Series 1 models, for a price for $219.

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