Bing picks Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant to win Oscars

Microsoft’s Bing has weighed in on the Academy Awards, applying its predictive powers to pick the big winners. And if the search engine is right, this is the year of The Revenant and its lead actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Microsoft has already set up a site to cover the 2016 U.S. presidential primaries, which includes a list of candidates, where they stand on the issues, and which candidate is expected to win each primary. Now, the Bing Academy Awards site does the same, complete with the list of nominees, as well as movie trailers—and, of course, who is expected to win.


You can ask Cortana who will win the Oscar statuette, as well.

If you want to skip all that, you can simply tap your microphone button in the Cortana search bar on Windows 10, and say: “Who will win the Oscar for best actor?” (Just make sure you use the correct terminology. Asking, “Who will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards?” triggers the correct answer, but “Who will win Best Picture?” does not.)

Why this matters: It’s always fun trying to guess who will take home a gold statuette on what's billed as Hollywood’s biggest night. Bing interprets social sentiment as well as other factors in determining its picks, and it apparently has its finger on the pulse of who’s popular: It correctly picked the Academy Award winners for best picture, best actor and actress, and best supporting actor and actress for 2015. 

Spoiler alert

If you don’t want to know who Bing picks to win each category, maybe you’d best skip past this part. (Feel free to add your own predictions in the comments.) We’ve listed the projected winners and runners-up as of press time, as well as Bing’s confidence level (in terms of a percentage) regarding each pick.

  • Best picture: The Revenant (37%) over Spotlight (26%)
  • Best actor: Leonardo diCaprio (The Revenant, 73%) over Matt Damon (The Martian, 9%)
  • Best actress: Brie Larson (Room, 76%) over Saorise Ronan (Brooklyn, 9%)
  • Best supporting actor: Sylvester Stallone (Creed, 56%) over Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies, 27%)
  • Best supporting actress: Alicia Vikander (The Dutch Girl, 50%) over Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs, 26%)
  • Best director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu (The Revenant, 68%) over George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road, 17%)

The Academy Awards are handed out on February 28.

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