Get a peek at the White House's holiday decorations with this 360-degree VR tour

You might not be able to make it to Washington, DC to view the White House’s holiday displays, but this 360-degree VR tour might be the next best thing.

The narrated tour, posted to the White House’s YouTube page, walks you through various rooms of the President’s residence, and provides background both on the rooms and the holiday decor. 

You can pan around the video using your mouse as it plays and get a full 360-degree view of each room. Alternately, you can view it on your Android smartphone in conjunction with a Google Cardboard viewer for a more proper VR experience. At default settings, the video may seem rather blurry, so you’ll probably want to bump up the quality some.

According to Engadget, the White House used a 16-camera Google Jump rig to record the tour: The Jump rig arranges the cameras in a circle and captures something that looks suspiciously reminiscent of Google Street View. You likely won’t be able to wow your friends and neighbors with your own 360-degree tour of your holiday decorations, though—a Google Jump rig and associated software will set you back $15,000, Engadget notes.

Still, if holiday decorations are your thing, put on a comfy robe, pour yourself some egg nog, curl up your your smartphone or laptop, and enjoy this glimpse inside “the People’s House.”

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