The Kangaroo mini-PC goes 'Pro' with a more versatile docking station

InFocus’ Kangaroo is one of the more interesting mini-PCs on the market, and now it’s getting more useful with a “Pro” version.

Like the $100 Kangaroo PC that launched last October, the $200 Kangaroo Pro is a pocket-sized Windows 10 machine with an Intel “Cherry Trail” Atom x5-Z8500 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a built-in four-hour battery, and a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello.

The new model, however, comes with a beefed-up desktop dock. In addition to HDMI, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 ports, the Dock Pro includes ethernet, VGA output, and a headphone jack. Users can also unscrew the dock’s bottom plate and install a 2.5-inch internal hard drive.

As with before, the Kangaroo can connect with external monitors through HDMI—and now VGA—or use an iPad as a touchscreen monitor via a USB-to-Lightning cable and free companion app. But InFocus is also launching a $5 iPhone app for controlling the PC wirelessly. (One potential use case: With the Kangaroo connected to a TV, the iPhone could act as a small touchscreen controller for streaming music and video.)

Unfortunately for current Kangaroo users, and owners of the more powerful $170 Kangaroo Plus, InFocus is not selling the new Dock Pro separately. The company tells PCWorld that it may sell the dock by itself at some point in the future, but didn’t provide timing.

Why this matters: Even with the Pro model, the Kangaroo is still a lightweight PC. But at least now it can serve as a media center PC, or a desktop with VGA monitor and external speakers, without an array of extra wires, connectors, and USB hubs.

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