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Two more Hitman seasons fall into Agent 47's sights

The new Hitman is by all accounts a return to form, an entry fans of longtime favorite Blood Money can enjoy. Maybe this news will excite you, then: IO Interactive plans on three seasons of content for Hitman, meaning two more after the first wraps up in December. Here’s the tweet from the official Hitman account:

It seems like we’re getting into actual TV territory here, with three seasons planned pending renewal at the end of the first season, if it’s deemed successful. Given the response to the first season, I’m not overly worried.

We could still be cynical about this announcement if you want. “It’s a cash grab! Oh no, they just want more money! How dare they not include the whole game on the disk! Back in my day, games released all at once or not at all! I have a phobia of bald people!” Those are just some potential objections off the top of my head.

But if two more seasons means twelve more missions and some new maps, I’d be pretty excited. The four released so far have been excellent, impressively open-ended and with that old “puzzle box” feel that made Blood Money a classic. The time-limited Elusive Target missions have also kept the game fresh between releases in a way no other Hitman has done. Despite all my fears about the game going episodic, it’s proved out marvelously so far.

So yeah, I’d take two more years. We’ll update you as soon as we hear more.

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