Pricing and availability announced for the G6, but carriers make it unnecessarily confusing

Update, 1:30 PM: Sprint has released its own pricing and availability for the LG G6. This article has been updated to reflect the news.

LG’S G6 was easily the hottest phone to come out of MWC, but the company was tight-lipped about when it was releasing and how much it would cost. With pre-orders set to begin tomorrow, however, we have a clearer picture of LG’s plans for its launch.

First the good news: Anyone who orders a G6 before April 30 will be able to get a free Google Home, effectively saving $130. That’s a pretty sweet launch deal, even if you already have a Google Home. We hear they make great gifts, and they’re specifically made for you to have multiple Home units scattered around the house.

But while most new phones have a set price across all retailers and carriers, the G6 will cost a little more or less depending on where you buy it. T-Mobile customers have it easiest. The phone will run you $650 (or $26 down, with 24 payments of $26, if you prefer), and will launch on April 7.

Verizon customers will get their G6 a week earlier on March 30, but will have to pay slightly more for the privilege, $28 a month for 24 months, or $672. But wait there’s more! Customers who open a new line, device payment plan, and choose the Verizon Unlimited plan will also get a free LG 43-inch Smart TV worth $349. Couple that with the Google Home offer and you’re getting $479 in free stuff, which sort of lowers the price to just $193.

AT&T’s offer is even more confusing still. Launching on April 7, the phone will cost $24 a month for 30 months under the AT&T Next program for a full cost of $720. However, you’ll also get a second LG G6 for free when you add another line. Those payments will also be spread out over 30 months, but AT&T will be paying them for you (unless you cancel the contract, at which point you’ll be responsible for the remaining balance). And finally, you’ll be able to purchase an LG Watch Sport for just $50 with a two-year contract. Though to be fair, that deal applies to any LG phone purchase and will still cost you an extra $240 when you factor in the $10-a-month fee.

Sprint will also begin selling the G6 on April 7, but it will cost $708 on that network ($29.50 a month for 2 years). Along with the free Google Home, Sprint is also offering customers the a free 49-inch LG TV valued at $350. Notable, the phone is the first High-Performance User Equipment-capable device on Sprint’s network, which could account for the extra cost.

Preorders for the phone are due to start Friday, March 17 across all carriers.

G whiz: This is one of the reasons we love the Pixel so much: simplicity. LG’s pricing for the G6 is so confusing, the company might end up losing customers with this strategy. There is precious little time between its launch and the upcoming Galaxy S8, so if they don’t sell as many units as they can over the next few weeks, all those G6s might end up collecting dust on store shelves.

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