Google Home tightens Chromecast bonds with Netflix, Photos integration

Google Home may have only been living with us for a short time, but it’s quickly becoming our favorite thing in the house. And now it’s starting to play a little nicer with the other things we love, with Netflix and Google Photos support beginning to roll out to users.

First spotted by Android Police, the update brings a new Videos and Photos tab to the Google Home app’s Assistant settings, inside which you will see options for linking your Netflix account and enabling Google Photos. As described in the app, the new features, which require a separate Chromecast and Netflix subscription, will allow users to stream photos to their TV and “play shows and movies by asking your Assistant.”

Last week, Google announced it was opening its Actions on Google platform, allowing developers to tap directly into the digital assistant to bring voice commands for things like food ordering, news, and shopping, as well as enabling two-way conversations with the device. So we should expect a lot more of these types of useful interactions making their way to Google Home in the coming months.

The impact on you at home: Google Home is an entirely new platform for the company and its developers, and the quicker it can gain some killer features and app support, the better off users will be. But it’s not just about early adopters. The home-based digital assistant is the wave of the future, and Google clearly has an eye on Amazon and Alexa as it works to expand the capabilities of Google Home as quickly as possible.

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