Google unveils splashy new weather experience on Android

Google wants to get a whole lot better about delivering your weather report.

On its Inside Search blog, Google announced a new detail-rich display that pops up when you ask the Google app about the weather. There’s now a colorful screen loaded with weather details, including drill-downs into Today and Tomorrow, hourly forecasts, a 10-day outlook, sunrise/sunset information, and even air quality data. And it's all complemented by a happy little illustrated frog.

The Google app tells you far more about the weather and includes new animations.

Just like with other weather apps, you can add various cities to your list for later retrieval. You can type in the term “weather” to get today’s forecast, or use a voice command. To get the full experience, it’s best that you’re running the Google Now Launcher in order to hop into the weather right away via Google Now.

The impact on you: Android has several great weather apps, but you can’t beat the convenience of asking, “OK Google, how’s the weather?” If you want the basics, Google’s new offering may be enough for you. Otherwise, if you want more details, or like to play with Doppler radar scenarios, a dedicated weather app or two is still your best bet.

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