Mingis on Tech: All about the new Moto G5 Plus

The new Moto G5 Plus smartphone, which is available for pre-order as of today and goes on sale March 31, is an Android-based device that hits the sweet spot, according to reviewer Dan Rosenbaum.

It's got all of the basic features you'd want in a mid-tier phone without a price tag that will break the bank.


Rosenbaum joined Executive News Editor Ken Mingis to offer his thoughts on the G5 Plus, which he's been trying out ahead of the official launch. It's not too big -- about the size of the Huawei Honor 6X; not too fast, even with its Octo-core Snapdragon 625 chipset; takes pretty good pictures; has decent battery life; and starts at $229.

(Hint: The G5 Plus is even cheaper via Amazon Prime, if you're a member.)

Oh, and it comes with Android Nougat and a dirth of bloatware apps that can junk things up, which is why Rosenbaum says it might be just right for buyers looking for a smartphone bargain.

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