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Make Content Assessments Actionable: A Glossary of Terms

By Bob Johnson, VP & Principal Analyst

In the effort to do a better job in how digital content drives demand generation, many organizations want to profile their portfolio of content assets such as documents, videos, audio, tools and games.

Over the past seven years of assessing assets we’ve been steadfast to emphasize a key point to clients. When you access assets against a set of attributes, such as buying stage coverage, decision role or audience segment, make sure that you can act on what you learn. For example, if you organization is still in the dark ages and insists that all content, even educational, includes a promotional aspect about how your solution is the best alternative, forget accessing assets to understand their orientation around being educational or transactional/promotional. Why? Because you’re not going to do anything about it anyway given a commitment to mixed message assets.  So stick to understanding what is actionable.

To help you decide on the best attributes for you, I’ve developed a glossary of terms you can refer to with definitions about this universe of content attributes. Use it to decide what to look for in each asset. And, as it uncovers, shortcomings, opportunities or gaps keep asking the question “what can we do with what we learn?” That will shorten the path to improving the alignment and relevance of your content portfolio.


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Bob Johnson

VP & Principal Analyst, IDG Connect

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